Epic 106: Game Time

This will be my shortest post of the series.  One of the common themes among these articles has been that you must adjust the planning, training, etc. to meet your abilities and your goal.  Running a 5k is much different that running 100 miles which is much different than doing an Ironman triathlon.  So for me to tell you what to do on race day would be ludicrous (not to be confused with Ludacris the singer).  Your day will be special for you and require your planning.

Of course, being master of this domain (I AM TIMBEAUX), I will offer a few ideas and ponderings that should apply to most race days.

  • Do not expect miracles on race day – If you have been training by running 12 minute miles, do not expect to be ticking off 6:30 miles for your 5K or marathon.  It ain’t gonna happen.


  • Do not try anything new on race day – This is standard issue indoctrination for everyone who has done a race in the last 20 years.  And for good reason.  18 miles into a marathon is not the time you want to find out the brand spanking new shorts you are wearing have an offensively protruding seam in the testicular region.


  • Try something new on race day – But wait…….didn’t he just say NOT to try anything new on race day.  Here’s the deal.  If you have trained with homemade molasses and prune flavored gels, but they cause projectile vomiting on race day…….try something new!  Before you abandon all hope for success, try anything and everything that is available.  Something might work.

Other than that.  Smile as much as you can through your gritted teeth.  Thank the volunteers because they can be the difference between success or failure.  Try to enjoy the day (or days) the best you can.  And give it all you have.  No regrets.


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