I have come to the conclusion that everyone is addicted to something.  Of course, the obvious ones would be drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, Facebook, etc. But there are some less obvious ones as well.

Many of my friends appear to be either addicted to pain or endorphins (runner’s high).  Or maybe both.  It is interesting how similar the sensations really are.  Often times you have to pass through the pain threshold to reach the exhilaration of the endorphin release.

A couple of weeks ago, Christine, Mason & I were watching a show that was talking about addictions.  I brought up the concept that everyone has an addiction and they wondered what mine was.  I went for maximum bonus points and claimed that I was addicted to Christine!  Even though I could argue my case for it, she called bullshit and threw out her own idea: challenges.  She says I am addicted to challenges.

The first step is admitting you have a problem……….

Anyway, usually when I finish some daunting task or epic adventure, I slip into a state of limbo similar to a depression.  It’s not as extreme as a heroin withdrawal seizure.  It’s more like a lack of urgency or motivation to do something or get somewhere.  The term wandering aimlessly comes to mind.

In the past 8 years……..actually in the past 30 years going back to running my first marathon at the age of 16, I have had a lot of success at picking a challenge, working hard, and achieving my goal.  And I have had my share of failures.  From all the successes and failures, I have learned a lot along the way.

As a byproduct of my Find Your Own Epic post, I have to decided to lay out my thought process on how I choose a worthy goal and the steps I go through to achieve them.  So stay tuned for this multi-part series coming soon to a theater near you!  Okay, not a theater.  It will be here on this blog.

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