A few days later….

So I have had a few days to rest, recover and reflect on the Rocky Raccoon Extravaganza.  I am not going to lie and say I have been rethinking everything I did and did not do.  Many, many times since I started the drive home Sunday I have thought that I should have just pressed on. Unfortunately, I did not and will never know exactly how far I could have made it.

The swelling in my feet and toes has gone down most of the way. And I am currently awaiting the departure of approximately 4 pounds of skin and meat from my feet any day now. I am sure when it starts to go, I will not be thinking of running or walking 40 more miles.

I actually put on running shoes today for the first time. No, it was not to go for a run. We are headed to the state swim meet this weekend and I needed to see how they would feel. They feel kind of sparkly. Kind of like when your foot goes to sleep and then tries to wake up unpleasantly. Christine and I figure that is all the baby butt fresh new skin growing under the leprous carcass waiting to slough off.

I have looked back this week at some of the comments and notes from all the people rooting for me out there. I was amazed. Thank you all for getting me as far as I did! I am also still getting donations in as we speak! In a few weeks, I will wrap up this adventure and fundraiser and write up a big thank you.

I will tackle this race again. There is no maybe or someday, it will happen. And I am not going to let the unfinished business linger. I had that race. My training was good. My nutrition was good. My legs were good. My crew was awesome. My feet and knowledge of dealing with blisters…….well let’s just say there is room for a lot of improvement there.

I know there will be some other issue to deal with next time, but I will know more by then as well. Until then……thank you all.

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