On with the show!

This has been an emotional week.  But I am not going to get into any sappy stuff.  The bottom line is that my oldest child, Lara, just graduated from high school.  And 3 months from today, I will move her into her dorm room at LSU.

In the past 3 days, I have been to 3 different graduations (Lara, Sara, Caroline).  And I have seen a lot of people boo-hooing over their children graduating.  But I am not sad.  I am proud of Lara for graduating 9th out of her class of 352 graduates.  I am proud that she was on Gatorettes for 4 years and the captain her senior year.  I am proud of her making it to state meet in swimming all 4 years.  I am proud of her receiving the outstanding sprinter award for track even though the coaches never let her run the same event for more than one year (she ran every event except the 100 hurdles.)  I am especially proud that she made the Composite All State Academic Team for swimming and track.

But the main reason I am not sad is that she got everything she could out of high school and Christine and I were able to enjoy it with her.  And how can I be sad about that?  She is ready for college, so wishing she was still my little princess would not be right.  She is a high school graduate now.  And one day she will be a doctor.  No sadness required.

On the other hand, when she moves out in August………

Even though I am not sad in the typical sense, it has been an emotional week.  So to divert some of the emotional energy, I officially registered for the 100 mile run in February.  Rocky Raccoon……here I come!

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