Chupacabra Remains?

Today’s run was supposed to be an easy one.  When I am further into my training, I will probably designate my Thursday run as more of a walk/run day to practice my speed walking.  Let’s face it.  There is no frickin’ way I am going to run the entire 100 miles, so I might as well learn how to walk quickly over varying terrain.

I didn’t walk much today.  I really wanted to do some experimenting and some exploring.  Yesterday I got in my new Camelbak Octane XCT hydration pack.  I have always run with handheld bottles or a waist pack holding a bottle, but I decided I might need more volume.  This hydration pack holds 100 ounces of fluids.  A typical water bottle holds around 20 ounces.  Five bottles or one pack?  I am going to try the one pack for a while.  I figure I can go for 4 to 5 hours without having to refill which will be great when I do unsupported long runs this summer.

Anyway, I put on my pack and added some water before heading out the door.  I did feel kind of stupid and amateurish wearing a hydration pack on a 4 mile run, but who cares.  I did it anyway.  My neighbors think I am stupid anyway.  So I took off down the road, and I was surprised that it did not bounce around.  I did the “upside down suck the air out the bladder” thing before I left, so the liquid wasn’t jiggling.  And between the shoulder straps and the waist strap, it was relatively comfortable.

I did have a shock when I took my first sip and it was hot water!  My first reaction (after gagging and spitting) was that I just wasted $70.00 on a water heater.  But the second sip was colder, so I realized it was just the water in the tube that was hot.  I will have to fill it up with ice each time before I start or I can imagine it will get warmer than I would like. It has several pockets which I will be able stick food and salt tablets in.  All in all, I was pleased with my first test run.  A better test will be Saturday’s 15 mile run.

During this run I also wanted to see if there were any more hidden trails in the area.  Alas, nothing but a few more dead ends.  However, I did make one discovery: some likely Chupacabra remains!  For those who don’t know what a Chupacabra is, it is a mythological creature that supposedly inhabits the southern parts of the United States and Central America.  Most people describe it as a dog like creature that looks like it has the mange.  The Chupacabra I found probably looked like this:

I was running down one of the trails that ended up being a dead end.  At the beginning of the trail it smelled like someone had dumped some crawfish tails or fish heads in the area.  Of course, it is obvious now that it was some poor innocent animal that the Chupacabra had recently killed.  Anyway, when I got to the end of the trail, I turned around and noticed a white stick that looked like plastic.  Upon further examination it appeared to be a bone.  Close by was another set of bones which were hooves or claws.

Using all my knowledge learned from watching Monster Quest and other “scientific” investigation shows on T.V., I concluded that it had to be a Chupacabra.  No other explanation which I could come up with in the 17 seconds while I stood there could be feasible.  Sure, I know there are probably some of you out there who doubt the validity of these findings.  And I understand.  So this weekend, I will take Mason (my son who has watched more Monster Quest shows that I have) to the site of the remains for a second official opinion.  I am positive that his confirmation will alleviate any concerns you may have.

Hmmm.  I just thought of something.  If these are the remains of a Chupacabra and the smell I detected was a fresh Chuacabra kill, then does that mean that they are breeding and there is a pack of them in the woods behind my house?  Oh boy!  I can’t wait until my first night run in those woods!

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  1. This is great. Mark wore that same camelbak all throughout Disney World. It drove me crazy, especially when he filled it with my Nathan tabs. Dont let the Chupacabra eat you!

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