Lessons from Road Kill

Today was another one of those rare occasions where I could sleep late.  Mason is at Senior High Retreat with the church youth group.  Lara had no where to go this morning until 10 AM.  So Christine and I had the chance to just sleep in.

I hit the road for my run at 6:20 AM.  So much for sleeping late.  I did have an ulterior motive though.  I wanted to get my run done early so I could spend the day with just Christine.  That is even more rare than sleeping late.

Ever since I made the decision to run the 100 mile trail race, I have been feverishly trying to come up with a training plan.  I need to run some miles.  I need to run a lot of miles.  I don’t have time to do this P90X crap.  I need to hit the road and crank up my training.  Aaaaagggghhhhhh!  I am going to run 100 frickin’ miles!

And then I came across a humbling site.  A poor little bunny rabbit dead in the road.  For the kids reading, I checked its ID and it was not Peter Cottontail.  But it was a lesson similar to the tortoise and the hair.  This race is still 10 months away.  If I try to push my training, I will end up getting hurt and dig myself a hole which will be tough to get out of.

So I slowly finished my 9 miles feeling strong and relaxed.  And now I will go spend the day with my beautiful wife.  Have a nice day.

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