No Joke

It may be April 1st, but this is no joke.  I will probably be called a fool or an idiot or stupid or just insane, but I have my next race picked out:  The Rocky Raccoon 100 mile trail run!  Yes, you read that correctly.  The words 100 miles and run were in the same sentence.  Although, I can’t imagine I will be doing much running between the 80 and 100 mile marks.

Why am I doing it?

It seems like a logical progression in my twisted mind of “Why Not?”: 5K, sprint triathlon, half-ironman triathlon, marathon, Ironman Triathlon, 50K run, 50 mile run……..100 mile run?  Actually, when I write it down like that, it could be easily read: 5K, stupid, stupider, stupidest, beyond stupidest, whatever comes after beyond stupidest, etc.  In reality, I am not stupid.  I will show up on the starting line as prepared as I possibly can be and with all the knowledge I can discover over the next 10 months.

For me, the question is not “Why am I doing it?”, but “Who am I doing it for?”

Who am I doing it for?

A couple of months back, Christine and I were discussing how we hadn’t done any fundraising in a while.  2010 was the first year in many that I did not do some race or event to raise money for a charity.  And I missed it.  When I first considered this race, I knew that I would only do it if I could raise money in the process.  I have always felt that if my family has to sacrifice for me to do something insane, then someone should benefit from it.

In 2005, I raised money for Habitat for Hope during the Janus Charity Challenge associated with the Ironman Florida Triathlon.  This charity is near to my heart because of the support they give to families with children at St. Judes and other hospitals in the Memphis area.  My family has been personally touched by cancer several times, so we know the emotional toll it takes.  To read more about Habitat for Hope, please visit their website.

Logistical Nightmare

It has been said that a 50 mile run is not just two marathons.  It is more like three of them.  And they say that a 100 mile run is not just two 50 milers, but more like three of them.  During my 50 mile run, I experienced severe muscle cramps, dehydration, foaming at the mouth and some vomiting for good measure.  The destruction to my body was scary to not only me but to Christine and the kids.  And this will be three times as bad?

Now throw in the fact that I will be running for up to 30 hours, straight through the night, with big temperature fluctuations, sleep deprivation, nutrition concerns and 1 million unknown factors and it is scary as hell.

But if there is a will there is a way.  And if there is a way, then I will find it.

What can you do?

The first one is easy: pray.  It is probably best if you start now and continue through noon on February 5th, 2012.

Second, if you have the means please donate to Habitat for Hope.  I am shooting for $250.00 per mile total, but I will be happy with anything.

Third, subscribe to the newsletter.  For those of you on my current email list, I will be getting rid of it.  So you need to fill out this form and confirm your subscription.

And finally, help me spread the word.  The more people who can help out, the better.

Off to Train

I am finishing up my P90X cycle in the next few weeks and then I will kick my running up a few notches (probably more than a few).  I learned at my last 50K race how much overall body strength is needed for trail running.  It is very different than running on asphalt all the time because of the involvement of the stability muscles in the legs and core.  So in order to keep my body sound through the training and the race, I have added the strength training which I will continue on a weekly basis.

By the middle of the summer, I will be starting some longer runs.  I will try to post my agenda before hand so if anyone wants to run with me they can.  I have always believed in the concept of shared pain.  So the more the merrier.

Other than that, thank you for reading!

P.S.  I am sure you are waiting for me to say, “April’s Fools!”  Sorry, it is not going to happen.  I am that insane.

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2 thoughts on “No Joke

  1. Crazy timbeaux man…praying for your body to hold up and God to be glorified through the process…you’ve inspired me to keep going. My 12 year old has high cholesterol (it runs in my family), and as I approach my 40th birthday I am reminded that my father had a heart attack at 42. My whole family’s getting back on track…watching our diet and exercising.

    Talk to you soon Brother


  2. Yes, you are insane! However, you get me off the sofa and out running!
    You will always have our support:)
    Please keep us posted.

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