Mental Warfare

It appears that I have been training my mind as much if not more than my body in the past two months.  For someone with zero physical strength with respect to weight lifting, it has been a challenge to keep doing the P90X program.  Every afternoon when I pull the truck out of the garage, set up my dumbbells and push play on that increasingly annoying DVD, I would much rather be heading out the door for a run.  But no, I know this is best for my overall body strength and will help protect my limbs and joints during the coming insanity.  So I continue to push “PLAY”, listen to Tony Horton scream at me and step far out of my comfort zone for an hour each day.

Fortunately for my current sanity (and what Christine says is my running withdrawal induced grumpiness) I have found a way to merge running into the classic plan.  Actually, all I have really done is nuked the weekend cardio and replaced it with running.  I have also added running on top of some of the other workouts.  It does make for exhausting afternoons, but at least I get to run.  And I only have 4 more weeks of this nonsense before I get back to my version of normal.  I have decided to continue to do one or two of the P90X workouts each week as cross training.

Another mental aspect I have been working on is patience.  I had to look it up in the dictionary because that word was not passed down from my dad to me.  He has never heard of it either.  Because of my 5 week running break after the 50K, I have been slowly building my miles up again.  Please re-read the last sentence and when you say the word “slowly” make it last for 10 seconds.  That is how slow it feels to me.  With the addition of my heart rate monitor and my attempt to keep my HR below 136, all of my running is between turtle and slug speed.  I usually start out at turtle speed and then when things heat up I have to slow down to slug speed.

My usual form of running is to go out the door and run.  If I feel good, I run faster.  If I don’t feel good, I run whatever.  If I don’t feel good but need to run fast, then I run fast and throw up.  It really is a pretty simple concept.  But that approach to training will end up with me being hurt when the miles add up.  I need a massive base at low heart rate now and later I will add in some variety.  So patience is the name of the game.

My third aspect of mental training is the be happy in your own skull training.  I run a lot of short loops around my house because anything else would require loading up and driving somewhere else.  When I run faster, I can usually concentrate on what I am doing or at the least have sensory overload due to the pain.  But when I am running along “S L O W L Y” with zero to minimal discomfort, then all I have are the pod-casts I listen to and the cows.  For your future information, cows are not that exciting once you have passed the same one 10 times.  They pretty much just eat, shit and stare at you.

Hopefully after the P90X phase is done, I will be able to load up my gear and go run slow in other exciting places.  Maybe I can find a pig farm or emu ranch to run by later.  Now that would be exciting!

Speaking of exciting, this weekend is packed full of kid stuff.  Lara had a track meet last night in St. Francisville.  She ran the 4×100 relay, the 300 hurdles and the 4×400 relay.  She did good in all events but really shined in the 4×400 relay.  As the second leg, she caught the team up from 7th to 2nd and nearly caught the first place team before a gorilla jumped on her back.  The relay ended up in 3rd place which gave the team the overall meet win by 1 point!

Mason started his 8 hours of driving last night to get his learner’s permit.  He also ran the Dash & Dive this morning at Crawfish Aquatics.  It was a 3 mile run followed by a 400 meter swim.  I told him last week he was doing the whole thing.  Unfortunately, most of his friends were doing the relay.  Plus he has not run since December!  Oh well, he finished and had a good training day.  And he has more driving tomorrow.

And now, Lara is off to her last high school prom.  Because she is on the prom court, I get to go to the prom to see who gets voted queen.  Then I will be off to the after party to be a body guard/key confiscator until probably 4 AM or so.  This will also be great training for staying up all night!  Too bad I didn’t have time to get that orange tux with the ruffles.


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