Injured or Hurt

Most people think those two words are synonymous.   But to athletes, there is a very big difference.   Being hurt means you are in pain, but you can work through it.   Being injured means you are in big trouble.

Right now I am praying I am just hurt.   During my short run last night, my leg ached.   During my run today, my leg ached.   The sensation I have when I am running is that my leg may snap off around the shin area during any step.   It is only my left leg, and I am not sure what is going on.

During my run tonight, I did a 3 mile warm up and then contemplated calling it off.   But I really didn’t want to.   I just had a great race on Saturday, so it can’t be too bad.   Or can it?   Anyway, I leaned toward the hurt side and pressed on.   It actually felt better during the faster part of the workout.

I am going to go ice it now and take some ibuprofen.   Tomorrow is a recovery run and then another good one on Thursday.   It really needs to get better soon.

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