Product Tester?

Well, a couple of months ago I got a comment from Kristin & Carolyn with the Sofsole company.   This was during the time when my legs and feet were not happy at all with my decision to try to qualify for the Boston Marathon.   Actually, there weren’t too many body parts thrilled with that decision.   Anyway, they had left a comment about their products and offered to send me some to try out.   Sure.   No problem.   So I sent them my address.

A few days after sending my address I began to worry that I may have just purchased a mail order Russian bride or something.   But I had looked at the website and I recognized the company name.   So I figured I was safe.   But time passed, and I actually forgot all about it.

And then yesterday I got a box in the mail.   I didn’t remember ordering anything, but who knows.   When I opened the box, I saw the contents and a note from Kristin.   I was not expecting the full range of stuff they sent!

Wow!   They sent performance insoles, custom foot beds, and three different types of socks.   Cool to say the least.

So over the next few weeks, I am going to be wearing them during my training.   And I will relay my comments (good, bad and ugly) about them as I go.   I have a few weeks of good training coming up, so we will see.

By the way, if there are any more companies out there that need products tested, let me know!   Especially beach house builders in Cozumel, the taste testing department for Michelob, or impact testing for the little pools used for Jello wrestling.

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