Digging In

The race the other night opened my eyes a little bit to the size of the mountain I am climbing.   Sitting at my desk, running numbers and scenarios, dreaming about crossing the finish line and qualifying for Boston is all fine and dandy.   That is until you throw some reality sprinkled with copious amounts of pain into the mix.   I guess there is a reason why you see t-shirts with the saying, “Reality Sucks.”   Because dreams always have a happy ending.

Now this story will eventually have a happy ending.   One way or another, I will qualify for Boston.   It may be this year.   It may be the next.   Or I may have to wait until I get old enough where the qualifying times get easier.   But I will run Boston.   I just have to start digging some footholds into that mountain and keep heading up.

Tonight I had another run I was dreading.   Another “pace booster” run with a 15 minute warm-up, 30 to 40 minutes at steady state pace, and a 10 to 15 minute cool down.   If I had it my way, I would still be procrastinating and delaying this run.   God intervened and gave me a window on the radar in between thunderstorms, so I had to go.

I broke out my new Mizunos, cooked the Sof Sole Custom inserts in the oven and slipped them in, and headed out the door.   By the way, either Saturday or Sunday I will give a full review of the Sof Sole products.   I wanted to give them an honest test run before I write about them.   Anyway, I delayed as long as I could and took off.

For some reason the 15 minute warm up goes by real fast.   The 30 to 40 minute fast part drags on forever.   After the short 15 minutes, I shifted into a higher gear and settled into my pace range of 7:35 to 7:48 per mile.   Actually, I settled on 7:41 to 7:42 and stayed there for the duration.   It wasn’t my plan, but that pace is almost exactly what I need to run for the full 26.2 miles to qualify for Boston.   Anyway, the miles started ticking by and my breathing got more and more labored.   So I just kept digging a little deeper and deeper.

As I was heading down another subdivision road, I decided I was just about done.   The 180 degree U-turns kill me when I am trying to hold a steady pace.   And at that point, I was over 36 minutes in.   I hit the watch at 36:16 and was pretty pleased.   That was over 36 minutes at my goal marathon pace.   Somehow I just have to stretch that out to 3 hours and 20 minutes.

I would love to say that these workouts are getting much easier, but they are not.   They all hurt to some extent.   But that is okay.   It is good for my mind.   I think I will have my body ready come December 5th.   I just have to slap my mind around some more to get it ready.

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