Faster than a speeding bullet

This is not a post about speed work or how fast I am running.   In fact, I haven’t run since Monday and am pretty much just waddling around the house.   No, I am amazed at how fast Christmas seems to pop up each year and “Bang!”, it’s gone.   I was talking with people last week how each year gets a little worse.   You go full throttle right up to December 24th, hit the brakes, say “Merry Christmas” and accelerate back to top speed.   Gone are the days of the slow build up and anticipation of the holidays.   And that just sucks.

I guess the fortunate thing is that during the rapid deceleration and tire burning stop, I got to spend time with most of my family and many of my friends.   Christine’s family came over Christmas eve for lunch.   My family came over that night for a quick get together after church.   We got together at my mom& dad’s Christmas day for lunch.   And then we made it to Paco’s Christmas night for a quick get together and to celebrate Taran’s birthday.   Four parties in two days.

Hence the waddling around part.   With the compressed time schedule I skipped my run and workouts on Wednesday and Thursday.   After messing around setting up my new BluRay DVD players (woo-hoo) today, I only managed to get in a weight routine.   So what this all means is that I really, really need to run tomorrow.   So I will.   In the 80 degree temperature.

By the way, say some prayers for Christine.   She had her MRI done today on her knee.   Hopefully we will know something on Monday.   But she is definitely bummed about not being able to run.

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