Fake It Til You Make It

Do you ever have an idea that pops in your head and after letting your imagination run wild you loudly exclaim, “THIS IS AN AWESOME IDEA!!!“?  And then reality sets in and you realize you’re screwed. Yep.  Welcome to my world.  Back in the longest spring that Louisiana has seen in many, many, many years (low 50’s at night through … Continue reading “Fake It Til You Make It”

Sendero de los Muertos

About two years ago I headed up to North Carolina  to attempt my return to ultra running.  Christine & I picked this cool little race with a 50K (31 miles for me) and a 10 mile run (for Christine).  The website talked about elevation gain and mountains, but to a South Louisiana flat lander it didn’t mean that much.  Until … Continue reading “Sendero de los Muertos”

The Great Scorpion Trail Race

When we signed up for this race in January, we had full intentions on running most of it.  Unfortunately, due to some uncooperative body parts, we were forced to go to a majority walk plan.  But we knew that in advance, so we were prepared for it this time. We made the 4 hour drive up to Meridian on Friday … Continue reading “The Great Scorpion Trail Race”