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The Aftermath of a DNF

Yep. It still stings a bit. And I am not going to lie and say I haven’t second guessed everything I did last Saturday. I think I have gone over every step I took, every mistake I made, and whether I should have…


By now, you may be wondering why I am still doing this race. I am obviously under trained and ill prepared for mountain climbing. So why? It’s simple: You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do. – Carl Jung I have…

Still Climbing

Hey there folks….I imagine I am still climbing.  If you look at this lovely elevation map of the race, you will see I start out with a 4 mile long climb. I don’t know how long it will take me to get to…

I Am Off

If you are reading this, then I should be off and running at the Leatherwood Ultramarathon 50K trail race. And for this race, running is a relative term. With the amount of climbing in this race (9684 feet over 31 miles), the ratio…

One Week Out

One week from right now, the race director will say “Go” and I will be off.  That is if I can make it to the starting line in one piece.  The training for this race has been interesting to say the least. In…