26……….23………….11.  Not a combination to a lock or the measurements of a very distorted woman.  Those are my total miles running for the past 3 weeks.

That sign is an understatement.  We just cracked the T-minus 6 months and ticking mark on the calendar for Rocky Raccoon, and I may be a little behind the 8-ball.  Or, I may be very well rested to push hard for the next 6 months and arrive at the starting line in perfect shape and raring to go!

Of course, the past 3 weeks have not been all rest.  There was the state meet in New Orleans, then the cruise to Mexico, then a wicked case of Bronchitis, and then a week in Texas at the Sectional swim meet.  For those who read that as restful, let me clue you in.  It is difficult for me to get a full night’s sleep in my OWN bed, so a hotel room almost eliminates the possibility of sleep.  And throw in hacking half the night from the crud, and I am not in a “rested” state at the moment.

Be that as it may, tomorrow I will go back to work and be there at 4:30 AM.  And tomorrow afternoon, I will go for a run and hopefully repeat that process on a regular basis.  My legs and body do not know it, but I see another sign in their future…………

Let’s just hope my body holds together long enough for me to finish the race this time!

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