Open Water – No Sharks

I am trying to figure out why I am so frickin’ tired.   I just looked at my Buckeye Outdoors log and I have worked out 18 of 20 days this month.   And with the next 3 days already scheduled, I guess it makes sense.

I haven’t had a whole lot of time to write blog updates.   That plus I am not currently involved in a fundraiser, so my interest is low.   But I have decided to try to do at least a weekly update for those who want to delve into my personal affairs.

I left off last weekend on the Ides of March.   No disaster befell me, so I am happy.   My sister and family came in town, and we had a good time at another sister’s house.   By the way, I have three sisters, so it sometimes gets confusing.   Anyway, I tried to limit my intake of barbecue because Christine and I had to do a long run Sunday evening.   It didn’t help.   Christine started before I did so I could get Mason to church for the youth group.   By the time I started running, it was pretty late.   But my stomach let me know it didn’t like the cheese dip as much as I did.

When I started, I hoped for 10 miles.   After a couple of miles, I hoped for 4 miles.   At around 5 miles, I passed Christine looking like she had just started.   She was at 9.5 miles and was going for 13.   I gritted my teeth and struggled on for a total of 11 miles.   Not what I wanted 3 weeks before the race.

On Monday, it only took a 3 second conversation for Christine to convince me to take a day off.   So I did.   I just took Mason to swim and read a book.   I don’t feel guilty about not working out, so back off.

On Tuesday, I felt guilty about not working out on Monday, so I did a brick+ workout.   A brick workout is typically a bike ride followed by a run.   I did a hard 1 hour trainer workout followed by a slow to fast 3 mile run.   That was the fasted I have run in a long time.   And it felt pretty good!   The + part of the brick was the strength workout I did after the brick.   I was toaster strudel when I was done.

On Wednesday, I didn’t have much of a workout.   Mason had drum lessons and an orthodontist appointment.   And then Lara had her Gatorette Banquet.   So I only had a short time for a workout.   So I attacked the Ab Ripper X DVD again and made it a little further.   Of course, my abs are pissed about it.

On Thursday, I didn’t get home until late after getting Lara from track.   Yes, my kids do a lot.   All morning I was planning this 8 mile speed workout that was going to be grueling.   This is the last hard week before I start to taper for the Half-Ironman, so I wanted to make it count.   As the day wore on, I wore out.   As I was sitting in the truck waiting for Lara, the temperature had risen to 127 degrees outside, and my workout dreams were fading.   I made it home, fixed my Gatorade bottle, and hit the road.   Slowly.

I just wasn’t going to be my day.   After a mile, I looked at my watch in disgust.   Slow.   So I forced myself to pick up the pace.   Every mile my watch would beep and I would look at my split.   And every mile, I picked up the pace.   By the time I hit 8 miles, I was in a dead sprint towards the house!   Not really.   But it sounded good.   I was run 7 something minutes per mile for the last mile.   I ended up with about a 8.4 mile run.   And a bonus.   The singlet I was wearing was made of sandpaper and took the top 4 layers of my nipples off.   I didn’t discover that until after my strength workout when I hit the shower.   Tears.

And that brings us to today.   I swam another 3000 yards at the pool.   And I am still undefeated.   I never plan to race anyone in the pool.   I never know who will actually be there, and the people next to me are just random swimmers.   But it never fails that someone next to me will appear to be racing.   It is not usually some overt signal they give, but it is the subtle things that I pick up.   They push off the wall at exactly the same time I turn.   They kick a little harder as I am going past them.   They flip me off when I smoke them.   And today was no different.

Except I had folks on both sides of me racing.   So I just did what I usually did.   Swim.   Non-stop.   And hope they wither away in exhaustion from trying to keep my pace.   As a side note, I purposely avoid the pool during hours when some of my triathlete friends are there.   Most will smoke me, and I want to stay undefeated.

Tomorrow will be a big test for Christine.   Her first open water swim.   We are meeting our friend, Bob, at a ski lake to swim a bit.   Christine has no fear of the water having grown up skiing and swimming in rivers all over Louisiana.   But there is a difference when you stick your face in the water and there is no line at the bottom to follow.

If you had seen the news this week about the hammerhead sharks following the 700 swimmers in Austrailia, have no fear.   No sharks in this lake.   Except for me.

Lara has a track meet tomorrow, but I hope to let you know the results of Christine’s swim this weekend!

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