I’m going to skip any details about my 1800-yard swim last night because except for the cool water feeling good on my chafed legs, it was uneventful.   But tonight was a different story all together.   Tonight was INTERVAL NIGHT!   Actually, if you remove the “V” from intervals and scramble the words you can make “entrails” and “latrines”.   Usually, after intervals my entrails end up in the latrine.

With my past history, would tonight be any different?   The plan called for 10 – quarter mile repeats at a 1:34 to 1:35 split.   UGH!   I hated quarter mile repeats in high school.   Why would I like them now when I am almost old and decrepit?   At least I learned from my mistake on Saturday and used about a gallon of Body Glide on my legs to head off any more chafing.   And with the weather sprinkling, I headed out for my warm-up.

I had already decided that this could be my last interval workout.   I was already devising another Tuesday workout to take its place if I flopped another interval day.   So with that in mind, I started my first interval not looking at my watch or worrying about the time.   I just found a comfortable rhythm and ran.   Number 1: 1:28.   Hmm, now that is interesting.   I’m sure I will fade soon.   Number 2:   1:28.   Hmm, I’m not looking at my watch, but I ran the same split.   Number 3: 1:28.   Number 4: 1:28.   All right, what’s going on now?   Did I somehow set my watch to stop at 1:28 instead of a quarter mile?   Nope, the distance is right.   But how am I hitting the exact same split without looking at my watch and just running?   Who knows?

Number 5?   Whew, it wasn’t a 1:28.   At least I’m not crazy.   It was a 1:26!   I’m getting faster?   Number 6,7,8: 1:28.   Back to the 1:28 thing again.   Remember, I am supposed to be running 1:34 to 1:35, but the slight rain, cooler weather, and I don’t care approach seems to have picked me up a little.

Number 9: 1:30.   Oops, I’m getting a little tired now.   Number 10: 1:28!   Unbelievable!   I ran 8 out of 10 intervals at exactly 1:28 without glancing at my watch once!   And I made all 10 at least 5 seconds under my max pace!   (Imagine I am doing some stupid victory dance right now.)   Now I am in a good mood.   What’s next?

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