A little bit extreme huh?

The Purge

Well that didn’t take long.  Only a couple of runs in and it already begins………the purge.  It is amazing how much your mind can screw with your body. Back at the end of the last century (always wanted to say that), it took me two to three years to start running again.  Why?  Because whereas my mind was stuck in the… Read more →


Start from Scratch

I have decided I want to run a race in the spring of 2016.  I haven’t picked a race, but I am leaning towards a marathon/50K distance run on trails.  And if I had my choice, I would love to head up to North Carolina to see what they have. Okay….what’s the big deal?  Just pick a race and go… Read more →


Who is Timbeaux?

I am sure many of the people who visit this site have no clue who I am.  That’s fine.  Many days I don’t know who Timbeaux is either.  So I figured the best way to explain myself is to select some posts that might shed some insight into the life and times of yours truly.  Enjoy.     (In no… Read more →


Are You Sure

The other day I received a notification that there was an update for my website.  Since I have been so diligent about posting lately, I quickly started the update. (That was typed using the sarcasm font.) Yes, I know I have been absent.  But I wanted to keep my blog up to date, so I did attempt the update.  But I… Read more →


End of a Series

In December of 1990, my little sister, Wendi, bought me a book called “The Eye of the World” by Robert Jordan.  I was always a big reader and loved reading trilogies or series books.  This particular book was the first in a series called “The Wheel of Time”. Last night I started reading the 14th and final book in this… Read more →


Balls in the Air

With that title, this post could really go two completely separate ways.  But I am sorry to tell all my gutter minded friends, I chose the other one.  Nope, this one is about having too many balls in the air.  And that pretty much sums up the last 8 to 10 months of my life. I have always been one… Read more →